Episode 1: A Transformative Year in Real Estate

In our inaugural two-part episode, guests David Powell, Broker/Owner, Powell Property Group and Jennifer Berthelette, REALTOR®, Ethos Realty examine the effects of Covid-19 on Manitoba’s residential housing market, discuss ways to navigate a hot market, chat about the buyer’s experience, and talk about their own experiences in adapting their businesses in the last 15 months.

Part One:

In the first half of the episode, David and Jennifer reflect on how the pandemic has impacted their real estate businesses and how they adapted the way they work with clients. They also discuss how first-time homebuyers can take advantage of the current market and the various affordable housing options in and outside of Winnipeg.

Part Two:

In the second half of this two-part episode, Jennifer and David discuss Manitoba’s affordability advantage and how to maintain a strong and accessible market for current and future homeowners. Be sure to listen to the end where they wrap up with a friendly debate about whether hugs or handshakes should be reinstated at the end of the pandemic.

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